My body screams when it parts from yours.

"I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person I am today."

—Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps (via larmoyante)

"i have never been words, but words have never been words. in language i combine my flesh with yours, and you with mine; my flesh is tender, my skin aches from knowing you."

Alice Notley, I Went Down There (via beryl-azure)


Liu Maochan - a Chinese painter with a touch of French impressionism à la Monmartre. Gorgeous.

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Where is Vladimir Nabokov now? The third in a week-long series of illustrations by Jason Novak, captioned by Eric Jarosinski.

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"My blood is alive with many voices telling me I am made of longing."

—Rainer Maria Rilke (via rabbitinthemoon)

"I was by myself for a pretty long time. I needed to do that. I think everyone that I know has wanted to do that or needed to do that at some point. I think when you spend enough time when it’s quiet around you and you don’t open your mouth for three or four days, there’s parts of your brain that can kind of rest. I think when we’re out in the world and we have to talk to people, we edit ourselves. You know, we have to like, act a little bit. As honest as we may be as humans, when we’re out here, we’re all kind of wearing mirrors on our faces. You know, constantly reacting to how to react to the people around you. And I think when you’re alone for a long enough time, you can feel a lot more peace."

-Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, in an interview speaking about living in his father’s cabin for three months when writing ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ 
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Augusten Burroughs, This Is How


brandnewannie replied to your post “brandnewannie replied to your post “I had a fight with my mom before I…”

???? Why do you have a limp???

Walked all 6,000 ft end-to-end of my new campus (the ordinary story of pratz getting lost as always) and there’s a nail in my right shoe sole which I didn’t notice until I took off my sock, all torn and bloodied. Literally would be apt to have The Decemberists’ Red Right Ankle sung for me right now. :D

brandnewannie replied to your post “I had a fight with my mom before I left again for work. In a way, she…”

hugglescuddlestackles. Welcome back, Tee! Glad you’re alive and kickin’.

Kickin’ with a limp, sure. :)

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"I am a collection of dismantled almosts."

Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait in Letters (Houghton Mifflin, 1977)
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I had a fight with my mom before I left again for work. In a way, she criticized my line of work, and I her not understanding my choice. It was awful. The only thing that kept me from screaming and crying in frustration, like her, was because I was driving to the airport. I didn’t call her before I boarded, also not when I was on transit, still not when I arrived at my new apartment. It was so, so awful because my mom was always my best friend first and mother next.

It’s settled now. She apologized, and I too did. It’s just that it brought back a reminder I so long tried to ignore: part of growing up is knowing that you have the power to hurt your parents, intentionally, immensely.

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